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Single Sided Frameless Aluminium Profile

Single Sided Frameless Aluminium Profile

A single-sided frameless aluminum profile typically refers to an aluminum extrusion that is designed for creating frameless display systems. It is commonly used in applications such as exhibition booths, retail displays, and signage.

The frameless aspect means that there is no visible border or frame around the display area, resulting in a sleek and minimalist look. The absence of a frame allows for a greater focus on the displayed content, providing a modern and visually appealing presentation.

Overall, single-sided frameless aluminum profiles provide a contemporary and elegant solution for creating visually striking displays that showcase content without the distraction of visible frames or borders. They offer flexibility, ease of use, and a modern aesthetic to various applications in the exhibition, retail and signage industries.

Item Code : P-120S
Material : Anodised Silver
Depth : 12mm
Standard Length : 5.8 Meters